• Attention Young Riders (of all ages...)!

    At Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, MN, we work with young riders at all skill levels from beginning riders to riders training for regional and national competition. At our horse farm, you'll find a community of horse enthusiasts of every age. Our youth group offers riders a valuable opportunity to meet each other, work together on the Horsemastership Achievement Program (run by the American Morgan Horse Association), learn horse care, judging skills, and practice ridership skills with fun activities including barrel racing and horse soccer.


Because they were the most commonly used breed in the military by the middle of the 19th century, saddlebreds distinguished themselvers in their service to generals and officers on both sides of the Civil War. The two most famous saddlebreds were Ulysses S. Grant's Cincinnati and Robert E. Lee's Traveller


Morgan horses earned an illustrious reputation in the Civil War for strength, endurance, and steady nerves under fire. The most famous Morgan of all was General Sheridan's black charger Rienzi. Standing over seventeen hands in height, Rienzi was powerfully built, with a deep chest, strong shoulders, a broad forehead, a clear eye and of great intelligence.